Bra Fitting Guide

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Getting the fit right is essential to ensure that your bra will support you comfortably and a bra which is the perfect fit will improve your posture and figure immediately. Around 70% of women wear the wrong bra size, so our simple fitting guide will help you choose the right size in the comfort of your own home.

  • Putting on your bra: This is important to ensure that your breasts are well positioned in the cups. Bend over so that your breasts fall into the cups. Stand up and put your arms through the straps or fasten at the front and twist the bra around if preferred. Ensure that the back section is horizontal around your body.
  • Checking the back section: It is recommended when you buy a bra that it is comfortable on the loosest hook. Over time, your bra will stretch with wear so you will then be able to fasten it comfortably on the middle or tightest hook. The back section is the most important part of your bra and the correct size will ensure that the back section fits correctly around the body and will lift the breasts.
  • Adjusting the shoulder straps: Always remember to adjust each shoulder strap separately as very few women have both breasts the same size. Make sure the straps don’t move loosely or dig into you – adjust them until you have the perfect fit. Remember to do this every time you wash and wear your bra.
  • Checking the central front panel: The piece of fabric which connects the cups of your bra must rest on your breast bone and fit comfortably. It is ‘floats’ between your breasts, your bra size is not correct.
  • Underwiring: When you are putting on your bra the underwiring should open up slightly to enable it to fit comfortably around your breasts. If the underwiring is digging into your skin just below your armpit, the bra size is too big. If the underwiring pokes into the breast tissue, the bra is too small.
  • Fit of the cup: The cup should not cut into your skin or leave a gap. It is easy to tell if you have a perfect fitting cup as there should be a smooth transition from cup to breast.

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